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testimonials 14-Oct-2022

bizSAFE Level 3

To achieve bizSAFE Level 3, your company or company's CEO, top or senior management must engage a SAC/MOM-approved independent auditor to assess and audit your company's risk management plan and impleme...

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testimonials 23-May-2023

bizSAFE (Five step Program)

‘bizSAFE’ is a five-step program that liquidates its expertise to assist SMEs in building up their WSH capabilities with a view to achieving optimum improvements in safety and health standards at the workplac...

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testimonials 22-May-2023

Benefits of Integrated management System

Among the various concerns that business owners deal with or face, one of the most significant and often avoided is the issue of health and safety at the workplace. Environmental, Health, Safety, and Quality requirements...

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testimonials 21-May-2023


Green and Gracious Builder Scheme –Newly Launched in February 2009 with a broad view to Promote Environment Protection and Gracious Practices during the Construction Phase of Projects. BCA Contractors regis...

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testimonials 20-May-2023

Food Safety Management System

Healthy Food for a Healthy Life It is not a matter to be much surprised that every working industry requires a few quality checks and standards that may ensure the right deliverables are on the table. And the most con...

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testimonials 19-May-2023

Business Continuity Management

BCM- Business Continuity Management is about identifying those parts of an organization that no one can afford to lose – such as information, stock, premises, and staff – and planning about how to maintain th...

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testimonials 31-May-2023

What is the role of a facility manager?

Buildings, plants, equipment, grounds, HVAC, IT, and lighting, to name a few, are among the physical assets managed by facility managers. It is possible for a facility manager to be responsible for non-physical matters a...

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testimonials 01-Jun-2023

Necessary to renew ISO certificates

Is it necessary to renew ISO certificates on a regular basis? ISO certifications are valid for three years. ISO certifications also have an expiration date, so you can keep track of when to renew them. Whenever you ar...

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testimonials 02-Jun-2023

Facility Supervisor

Responsibilities and Duties of  Facility Supervisor:           Ensure that all recreational facilities on campus are inspected regularly to ensure that activities are conducted safel...

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testimonials 05-Jun-2023

Some Information( bizSAFE levels 1 to 4 )

1) Is it possible for our project manager to attend the bizSAFE level 1 course? You can send your project manager to the bizSAFE level 1 course. 2) Is it possible to apply for grants in the bizSAFE level 2 course? ...

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testimonials 07-Jun-2023

Behaviour Based Safety Management System Benefits

By observing and analyzing employees' behavior while they work, BBS can prevent human error and improve workplace safety. Let's explore some of the key concepts behind BBS, along with how EHS professionals and ma...

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testimonials 09-Jun-2023

ISO certificate (QESH)

ISO certifications are valid for three years. ISO certifications also have an expiration date, so you can keep track of when to renew them. Whenever you are not able to track down your ISO certificate, contact your certi...

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testimonials 12-Jun-2023

bizSAFE Level 4

bizSAFE 4 benefits The workplace safety and health management system (WHMS) course must be attended by a safety officer or nominated person for four days in order to achieve the bizSAFE level 4 certificate. Getting...

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testimonials 16-Jun-2023

The Green and Gracious Builder Scheme (GGBS)

                   In order to raise environmental awareness and professionalism among builders, the Green and Gracious Builder Scheme (GGBS) was created.   ...

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testimonials 19-Jun-2023

Roles and Responsibilities of Lifting Supervisors

Lift supervisors hired to operate tower cranes or mobile cranes must attend a Lifting Supervisors Safety Course conducted by an accredited training provider. A minimum of one year's experience in lifting operations i...

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testimonials 23-Jun-2023

Energy Management System (ISO 50001)

The energy administration standard (ISO 50001) notably concentrates on an association's capacity to deal with its vitality resources and vitality utilization. ISO 50001 can be utilized as a part of conjunction with o...

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testimonials 27-Jun-2023

Behavior-Based Safety (BBS)

The Benefits and Concepts of Behavior-Based Safety                  Management responsible for environmental, health, and safety (EHS) is...

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testimonials 03-Jul-2023

The requirements of ISO 22301:2012 for business continuity mangement

Business continuity management is the subject of ISO 22301:2012, an international standard that builds on BS 25999 and other regional standards. WHY IS IT NEEDED? Business continuity management is designed to prote...

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testimonials 04-Jul-2023

Facility Supervisor

          To ensure smooth and efficient business operations, Facility Supervisors are responsible for maintaining an organization's facilities' safety and security. The budget for purcha...

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testimonials 05-Jul-2023

Benefits of ISO 45001:2018

ISO 45001:2018, Occupational Health And Safety management system(OHSMS) is the world's first ISO standard. It controls risk from the company. It is based the on workplace and employees being safe and healthy. it has ...

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testimonials 06-Jul-2023

QEHS Requirements

WE HAVE MET ALL OF OUR QEHS REQUIREMENTS: With the intention of providing services to industries in the areas of environment, workplace health & safety, and quality, a group of experts formed Dynamic Experts,...

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testimonials 07-Jul-2023

QEHS Management solutions

     While expanding the ever-increasing issues of the Environment, the problem still has a skewed focus which is the bad effects of these issues on the earth & human being in either direct ways. &n...

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testimonials 10-Jul-2023

Green Mark Certification

A certification scheme called Green Mark was launched in January 2005. Designed to evaluate the environmental impact and performance of buildings, it is a green building rating system. To promote sustainable design and b...

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testimonials 11-Jul-2023

bizSAFE level 3

BizSAFE The bizSAFE program aims to improve safety and health standards at work by assisting SMEs in building up their WSH capabilities. As SMEs embark on a journey toward WSH, top management must demonstrate a com...

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testimonials 12-Jul-2023

Occupational Health and Safety Management System

          ISO 45001:2018, Occupational Health and Safety management system (OHSMS) is the world's first ISO standard. It control risk from the company. It based on workpla...

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testimonials 17-Jul-2023

ISO 9001:2015

Who Should Use the ISO 9001:2015? Regardless of size or industry, ISO 9001:2015 applies to all organizations. It is estimated that more than a million organizations from more than 160 countries use the ISO 9001 standa...

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testimonials 18-Jul-2023

Behaviour Based Safety Management System

Behaviour-Based Safety Management System Through safety observations, the Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) process informs management and staff on general workplace safety. BBS attempts to raise awareness of employees'...

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testimonials 19-Jul-2023

bizSAFE Level 2

bizSAFE LEVEL 2 bizSAFE level 2 is a risk management course. It controls the risk assessment and the employees are safe and healthy in the workplace. Level 2 is a course. Course Name is a Workplace Safety and Health C...

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testimonials 22-Jul-2023

Environment Management System(ISO 14001)

ISO 14001 is an Environmental Management System. It prevents Contamination environment reduction in insurance costs by demonstrating better risk management. With global recognition and broad acceptance, ISO 14001 is k...

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