bizSAFE level 3

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The bizSAFE program aims to improve safety and health standards at work by assisting SMEs in building up their WSH capabilities.

As SMEs embark on a journey toward WSH, top management must demonstrate a commitment to WSH, acquire risk management capabilities, and implement an adequate WSH management system.

The WSH Councils’ website lists companies already part of the bizSAFE community and they are able to display the bizSAFE logo on their business ancillaries (letterheads, name cards, etc.) to demonstrate their commitment to safety measures and precautions.

As well, concerning companies receive additional business benefits from bizSAFE partners, which include government agencies, financial institutions, insurers, corporations, and suppliers.

In addition to major shipyards, large construction companies, and developers, bizSAFE is able to facilitate SMEs meeting the contractual requirements of its partners. Before being considered for contracts, these partners require their SME contractors to meet partially bizSAFE Level three.

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