Some Information( bizSAFE levels 1 to 4 )

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1) Is it possible for our project manager to attend the bizSAFE level 1 course?

You can send your project manager to the bizSAFE level 1 course.

2) Is it possible to apply for grants in the bizSAFE level 2 course?

SDF funding is available for bizSAFE level 2. You can apply if your participants are Singaporeans or Singapore Permanent Residents.

3) We would like to renew our bizSAFE level 3 certification. Does a bizSAFE level 3 certificate suffice for level 3 renewal? Our level 2 certificate has been lost, and our level 2 educated employee is no longer with us. Are there any issues with it?

In order to renew your bizSAFE level 3, you must have bizSAFE level 2. Your company nominee person should attend the course if you do not have a bizSAFE level 2 educated employee. This new bizSAFE level2 certificate can then be used to renew the bizSAFE level 3.

4) Can I achieve the bizSAFE Level 4 certification simply by taking the bizSAFE Level 4 course?

As soon as you complete the bizSAFE level 4 course, you will need to hire a Consulting and Auditing service in your company. After that, you will receive a bizSAFE Level 4 Certificate.