Roles and Responsibilities of Lifting Supervisors

19-06-2023 Back

Lift supervisors hired to operate tower cranes or mobile cranes must attend a Lifting Supervisors Safety Course conducted by an accredited training provider. A minimum of one year's experience in lifting operations is also required.

Lifting supervisors are responsible for the following duties and responsibilities:

       Ensure that all lifting activities are coordinated and supervised in accordance with the Lifting Plan;

       Before any lifting operation occurs, all members of the lifting team (e.g., crane operators, riggers, and signalmen) should be briefed on the Lifting Plan, risk control measures, and safe lifting procedures;

        All lifting operations involving mobile and tower cranes must be conducted by registered crane operators, appointed riggers, and appointed signalmen;

      Ensure that the ground conditions are safe for mobile cranes to perform any lifting operations;

      All lifting operations should be observed.