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Dynamic Experts Pte Ltd

Dynamic Experts is a consulting company based in Singapore established by a group of professionals, dedicated to providing Environment, Workplace Health & Safety, and Quality services to all types of industries.

Our experts are having experience in providing QEHS solutions to various sectors. They are dedicated and have the capability to give you the best innovative solutions to your QEHS needs.

Dynamic Experts has global expertise with local experience to assist organizations in compliance with the QEHS. Our services are falling under the scope of bizSAFE consulting, QEHS Management systems, and Safety training. We have worked with international organizations and well-known QEHS experts which enables us to give suitable global solutions.

The Dynamic Experts team constitutes of trainers and consultants who have many years of experience in bizSAFE and QEHS consulting, and also training.

Our Profile
Our Profile
Why Choose Us ?
  • Our experienced experts specialized in Consulting for bizSAFE, development, implementation, and certification of quality, environment, and health & safety management systems able to assist our clients in establishing systems that lead to increased productivity, profitability, and employee morale through our holistic and strategic consulting approach.
  • Our wide consulting portfolio enables us to give our clients several value-added services and to be a partner in the continued progress of our clients.
  • Our consultants are able to leverage the diversity of their experiences to provide optimizing solutions.
  • With several certification projects already under our belt, we are confident that our methodology and approach can satisfy the independent audits by the leading Certification Bodies in Singapore.
Our Mission & Vision

We are dedicated to providing bizSAFE consulting, QEHS, and also WSH Outsourcing solutions. We are aspired to be the preferred provider of Quality, Environment, Health & Safety Consulting, and Training services in Singapore.