Behaviour Based Safety Management System

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Behaviour-Based Safety Management System

Through safety observations, the Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) process informs management and staff on general workplace safety. BBS attempts to raise awareness of employees' frequent safety behaviours among themselves and coworkers. The goal of the BBS program is to make the workplace safer for workers.

The Principles of Observation

When a BBS programme is being implemented, observers—workers trained to provide on-site safety evaluations—conduct reviews of other employees while keeping an eye on their behaviour. In addition to documenting safe and hazardous workplace conditions, these observers also record safe and unsafe behaviours. After discussing the findings with the employee, the observer gives feedback. We welcome constructive criticism. Describing the various methods that staff members might carry out their duties in a safer approach enables employees and spectators to become more conscious of their actions. BBS programmes are built on a continuous feedback loop in which workers and observers share ideas for enhancing safety, and safety professionals use the information gathered from the observations to improve the BBS programme over time.

Checklist for Behavior-Based Safety

Based on their particular behaviours and dangers, organisations that implement BBS programmes choose the right list of behaviours to watch out for. The goal behaviours are typically listed in a checklist format that is simple and quick for observers to complete in the field.

For example, you manage a fleet of vehicles, for instance, you might create a behavior-based safety checklist centred on typical driving habits, including the use of seat belts or signals. The fundamentals of the observation (time, date, location, observed behaviours, observer) as well as the number of safe and dangerous observations made by the reviewer are frequently included on checklists. Fields on the checklist are also offered for any comments and feedback given to the employee.

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