Behaviour Based Safety Management System Benefits

07-06-2023 Back

By observing and analyzing employees' behavior while they work, BBS can prevent human error and improve workplace safety. Let's explore some of the key concepts behind BBS, along with how EHS professionals and managers can put the ideas to good use at their organizations.

An Overview of BBS

By guiding employees to behave in a safe manner, behavioral safety helps them perform their jobs safely. A person's "behavior" refers to any visible action (the employee's attitudes and thoughts are not included in this definition). Through BBS, you can identify the reasons behind at-risk behavior on the job and take the necessary steps to change it into a safe one.

Materials and activities are used in the BBS method to encourage safe behavior. Behavioral safety frameworks could use safety signs, training, safety policies, and safety meetings, for example. Additionally, this method uses observation of behavior to determine whether it is safe or unsafe, as well as positive or corrective feedback on performance in order to reinforce safe behavior and change unsafe behavior.