Green Mark Certification

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A certification scheme called Green Mark was launched in January 2005. Designed to evaluate the environmental impact and performance of buildings, it is a green building rating system. To promote sustainable design and best practices in construction and operations of buildings, it provides a comprehensive framework for assessing the overall environmental performance of new and existing buildings.

The benefits of Green Mark certification
Among the long-term benefits of green projects are:

1. Buildings can be differentiated in the market in a meaningful way
2. Building resale value and corporate image are positively affected
3. Resource conservation by reducing energy, water, and material consumption
4. Ensure that potential environmental impacts are reduced
5. Health and well-being are improved by improving the indoor environment
6. Clearly define the course to take for ongoing development

Applicants must
For new and existing buildings, districts, parks, infrastructure, and building interiors, developers, building owners, and governmental organizations.