What is the role of a facility manager?

31-05-2023 Back

Buildings, plants, equipment, grounds, HVAC, IT, and lighting, to name a few, are among the physical assets managed by facility managers. It is possible for a facility manager to be responsible for non-physical matters as well, such as security, safety, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Facilities management (FM) functions as the main head of all activities within an organization's structure. Coordinate with other departments to accomplish their primary objectives and handle strategic planning related to these activities. Its primary objective is to reduce waste, increase efficiency, and ensure safety. The FM department is responsible for maintaining, cleaning, improving, and ensuring business continuity.

As part of routine and unplanned maintenance, facility managers may be responsible for operational-level tasks in collaboration with maintenance teams.

Facilities managers are responsible for a variety of duties depending on their industry. Building management scenarios will involve a wider spread of cleaning and general maintenance tasks than manufacturing processes, which require specific attention to heavy equipment, safety, and mechanical maintenance.