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Senior - FSM New


  1. Handling all Documents Pertaining to FSM for the Building.
  2. Monthly 2 Inspection Visits & Report
  3. Monthly 2 WSH Meetings
  4. Annually 2 TTE and FDs
  5. Annually 2 Fire-related Training to the tenants.


  • Conduct checks and remove any fire hazard that is found in the premise
  • Oversee the maintenance of the fire safety system in the premise
  • Ensure at all times that fire safety requirements contained in the Fire Emergency Plan are complied with
  • Educate the occupants in establishing a fire-safe environment
  • Train the occupants in basic fire fighting and rescue
  • Ensure that all occupants are familiar with the means of escape located within the premise
  • Prepare a Fire Emergency Plan for the premises
  • Conduct at least two (2) fire drills on the premise per year and evaluate the effectiveness of such exercises and drills
  • Supervise the operation of the Fire Command Centre
  • Set up a fire safety committee made up of suitable staff from the occupants
  • Liaise and coordinate with SCDF and Qualified Person (QP) on all matters relating to fire safety and its requirements
  • Notify the SCDF immediately of any occurrence of fire incidents on the premises.
  • Ensure at all times that the occupant load of any part of any building does not exceed the capacity prescribed under the Fire Code

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